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Old Sweater into Cozy Leggings

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Old Sweater into Cozy Leggings

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Is your weather changing? You’re either turning warm right now (hello my Australia friends!!) or the wind has become crisp and your long sleeved shirts have come out.  (Okay, maybe not if you’re down south. Your chilly weather won’t come until, oh, December? We remember our warm winters in GA!) But if that chilly weather has started creeping in, start digging through that sweater box.  I know you have a sweater or two that have never really fit right but you have kept anyway.  Maybe hoping you’d get another use or two out of it the next fall/winter.  Ha… I right? ;)

Well, it’s time to tell them goodbye.  Because there are chilly little legs out there that need some cozy sweater leggings to cover them up!

Especially during this in-between weather, when it’s not quite cold enough for snow pants but those little legs just need a little covering from the brisk air.

And what good are those sweaters doing, going unworn up in that sweater box anyway?!!  (However, If you can’t bear cutting through one of your beloved sweaters, take a trip to the thrift store.  There’s plenty there to choose from. That’s actually where I bought these two.)

Thinner/tighter woven sweaters work best.  They are easier to sew and they don’t have gaping holes like a loose knit sweater does.  Plus, they are all sorts of comfy!

And choosing a sweater with a cinched in waist band gives a nice snug bottom to the leggings.  (And makes it so you don’t have to hem up the bottom of the leggings.…..which would truly be a pain on a cut up sweater.)

And wait, before you get nervous…….this is officially a lightning fast project!

One pair of leggings is just 2 pieces of sweater and 1 elastic band.  No hemming, no casing, and pretty darn forgiving.  Hallelujah!

So go on and find some great un-loved sweaters and give them a new life.  Even if the sweater shape is awkward and terribly unflattering, the design or pattern may be perfect for some leggings.  And then don’t blame me if you pass out when you slide them on your little girl and you see how blazin’ cute they are!!  Holy smokes……I could eat my little Chloe right up!  (I should have taken a picture without the jumper on.  They are just as cute with just a top on!)


There you go Little Miss…..2 new pair of leggings!  Should we dig through daddy’s sweaters and see if we can make more? ;)

Would you like to make a very simple pair of sweater leggings?

I thought you might. ;)

First of all, and like I mentioned above, a thinner/tighter woven sweater works best.  Tighter knitted (or machine woven) sweaters are easier to sew with because they don’t unravel much.  Also, a thinner sweater will be easier to slide under your needle and will be more comfy on a little one’s legs.  Now, you don’t have to choose a T-shirt thin typ sweater material……but just try to stay away from gaping holes and thick cable knit type sweaters. And, remember, if you have a sweater with a tighter knit waist band, it creates a fantastic bottom to the end of the leggings.  It keeps it snug on the legs and also lets you skip the step of hemming the sweater at the end of each leg.  Which is something I don’t recommend.


Then, make a pattern piece by using an old pair of leggings as a guide.  Check out my Simple Leggings tutorial, where I explain more thoroughly how to make your own pattern piece.


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