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The Square Circle Skirt (20-ish minutes to make)

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The Square Circle Skirt (20-ish minutes to make)

Sometimes I buy too much fabric.  I admit it.  Just don’t you dare email my husband and tell him that I’ve admitted it. ;)  If he ever notices that I have purchased new fabric and he happens to ask what it’s for……..I just mumble and laugh myself through some crazy explanation like, “oh, it’s for this one thing that I’m going to make next week to try out a new technique and I really needed this particular fabric to test it out, and, yeah……..isn’t it great?!?!“  Then he laughs.  And tells me that he knows I bought it simply because I liked it.  Okay, fine, you’re right.

So, lately, I have really been trying to just use what I have.  And a while ago, when I saw someone walking around the store (or maybe it was at the park?? or a restaurant??) with an uneven skirt hem-line, I realized it was a square piece of fabric.  But it was cut like a “circle skirt”, which makes it twirly and full-ish.  But the square cut made it fall uneven at the ends.  So I wanted to test it out, you know, just for fun.  (Because we all know Elli has enough skirts so I didn’t really need to make her one.)  This little project was more for me to experiment a little bit.

And experiment I did.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve never made a faster skirt in my whole life.  Do I say that a lot?  Well, this time I mean it.  This one is speedy fast!  And don’t be shy, this skirt would be just as cute in your own size!!


But half the trick of making it quickly, is that I used knit.  And yep, I snatched it from my fabric shelf.  (I found this knit at Wal-mart, oh, maybe a year ago.  I bought some in green and blue and pink.  Because I love having knit fabric on hand.  And Wal-Mart’s knit prices [if they carry it] is cheapy-cheap.)


To me, it kinda looks like a ballet dancing skirt.  One that you’d slip on over a leotard.  Anyone agree?


And because of the “circle-cut” method, it’s the twirliest type of skirt you can make.  But the square corners give it some pointy ends……making it look kind of drapey.  (But keep in mind, you can ditch the pointy edges and just made a regular ol’ circle skirt.  You would just cut out a circle rather than a square.  More on that below.)


Wanna give this skirt a try?

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